Mr. Andrew Carlson

He has been working in IT since 1998 in a range of roles from desktop and server support to network and solutions architecture.  This coupled with his background in music and performance cultivated a very creative approach to designing solutions for his clients. As a senior security consultant with one of the largest privately-held Security Solutions VARs in the US, he has worked with a broad array of clients from SMB to Fortune 50 corporations, Gartner-leading vendors and government agencies.  His experience in the industry and keen ear for client needs has helped make him a trusted adviser for many organizations. He’s the founder of TransAuth, USA.

Mr. K N Gupta

He was responsible for setting up the Public Key Infrastructure of India as the first Controller of Certifying Authority under IT Act 2000, in the rank of Secretary to Govt. of India, He also worked as Chairman CDOT Board, a prestigious R&D Center of Govt. of India for ICT research.

Mr. Rameshwar Saran

He  has worked as member of Software Architecture Review Boards of several internationally known companies working in the field of Software Development. He has over 35 years of professional experience including as Manager Research and Development General Electric Company. His recent assignments have been in the role of Architect with companies such as Phoenix Technologies Ltd, GuardianEdge (Symantec), TriCipher (VMWare) etc. In 2008 the product on which he worked won Popular Science’s ‘Best of What’s New’ award, considered one of the 50 most important technological software breakthroughs. He’s a Partner and Solutions Architect at TransAuth, USA.

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