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Many desktop, mobile and server applications are being developed around our world and their quality also depends on how well the security has been implemented.

When an application gets hacked, it can lead to a variety of losses for the users and the organization which created the application. Improving the security of an application can reduce the chances of it getting hacked.

Umbra Security can provide highly skilled and experienced security applications developers as consultants to the applications development teams of start-ups and small to large organizations.

Umbra Security can share with its growing network of security experts to engage them as required to meet any specific highly-complex work requirements.

Please let me introduce my security applications development team a bit.

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), Digital Certificates, HSM (Hardware Security Modules)

1. We’ve developed India’s first PKI-based desktop software over a decade ago. It was well-received by banks and other organizations with high-security requirement. It was integrated with USB tokens.

2. We’ve consulted in full technical detail and prepared full documentation for an International Internet Gateway to become a Public Certificate Authority. We had identified and configured the solution and integrated it with Hardware Security Modules.


3. We’ve implemented an On-The-Fly Encryption software for Windows which uses device drivers etc. It was integrated with USB tokens.


4. For several years, my developed PersonalFolder data privacy software was thankfully the top link on Google when searched for “data privacy software”. It hasn’t been updated for the newer Windows OSes and now it’s lower on 1st page.

R&D for Major Security Companies

5. Our core team member Mr. Rameshwar Saran has worked as a member of the Software Architecture Review Boards of several internationally well-known companies working in the field of Software Development. He has over 35 years of professional experience including as Manager Research and Development General Electric Company. He has also been an Architect with high-security organizations such as Phoenix Technologies Ltd, GuardianEdge (Symantec), TriCipher (VMWare) and others.

Popular Science’s ‘Best of What’s New’ award

In 2008, the product on which he worked won the Popular Science’s ‘Best of What’s New’ award, considered one of the 50 most important technological software breakthroughs.

He’s currently a Partner and Solutions Architect at TransAuth, USA

Complex Server, Web & Desktop Applications on Linux & Windows

6. Our core team member Mr. Mithilesh Kumar Pandey has been working along with me and others for years on a variety of high-security applications that run on Windows and Linux. His expertise includes a growing variety of complex server, web and desktop applications development.

Technically Led Major Indian Government Organizations

7. Our advisor Mr. K N Gupta was responsible for setting up the Public Key Infrastructure of India as the first Controller of Certifying Authority under IT Act 2000, in the rank of Secretary to Govt. of India, He also worked as Chairman CDOT Board, a prestigious R&D Center of Govt. of India for ICT research.

Single Sign-On, SAML, Google Apps, AWS (Amazon Web Services), VMware, Salesforce, Box, OS Security, Multi-Factor Authentication, Bluetooth, SMS, EMail…

8. We have done significant research and development in multi-factor authentication for Windows login and Web applications login using Bluetooth, SMS, Email and other methods.

9. We have done significant research and development in Single Sign-On (SSO) applications and used and extended with code a SAML-based Identity Provider.

10. We have integrated the SAML-based Identity Provider with Google Apps, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Salesforce, Box and others.

FreeRADIUS integration with code

11. We have worked considerably with FreeRADIUS including writing code to integrate with Identity Provider.

Active Directory integration with code

12. We have worked considerably with Active Directory including writing code to integrate with Identity Provider.

Windows Security Mechanisms

13. We have done significant research and development with Windows credential provider, registry, drivers, BIOS and other Windows security mechanisms.

Database Design and Development

14. We have worked considerably with MySQL and SQL Server DBMS and have designed databases and implemented lots of complex SQL queries and written lots of secure database related code related to User Management, Multi-Factor Authentication, Identity Provider and for many more variety of application scenarios.

Web Applications Security

15. We have worked considerably with Session Management, Cross-Site Request Forgery and other challenging web applications related security issues.

Extensive Use of Many Programming Languages

16. Our work over the many years has used C, C++, JAVA, C#, PHP, Perl, Python, SQL and several frameworks. We’re competent in using any programming language as required.

Mobile Applications Development

17. We’ve implemented security-related applications in Android and iOS. Our core team hasn’t done too much of mobile applications development yet, however, we can very well do it given our overall security background and experience and our well-selected 3rd party mobile applications experts given the requirements.

Highly-Experienced with Small to Large Applications

18. We’ve worked on a variety of other applications over the years and our interests span from the smallest to the largest of solutions that can make our world a better place. If it can pay for our time and resources then we can be interested in consulting you about its security.

Ethical Hackers List

Also, please Google “ethical hackers list” and on 1st page you’ll see my Umbra Security site All the listed professionals are with their permission and I can engage suitable professionals as per client projects.

Hardware, Infrastructure & Network Security

My direct networks also include highly-experienced Hardware, Infrastructure and Network security professionals and I can engage suitable professionals.

For Your Applications Development Team

The above details should help you to strongly consider my team as high-value 3rd party security applications developers to consult your applications development team.

For Security Professionals

If you’re a security professional and wish to work with Umbra Security on client projects then please share your detailed experience with me.

You can also read the above in my this article

Best Regards,

Shakti Saran
Creator of Umbra Security
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